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4 Practical Tips for Decorating a Dental Clinic With Art

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Many people detest going to the dentist and find the entire task an uncomfortable chore altogether. Most medical offices including dental clinics are dreary places. When you think of these offices, the first idea that comes to your mind is whitewalls and a strong smell of disinfectant. Modern hospitals should be ‘practical’ spaces but to stay hygienic, look cold, bare and boring in the end.

Why is art necessary in a doctor’s office beyond temporary aesthetic pleasure, you may think? Well, contrary to popular belief, there is evidence showing the positive affects art has on the patient experience and aids in the healing process. Art and science may seem to be opposing disciplines, especially when it comes to problem-solving issues. While these disciplines are different, they share common ground when it comes to helping healing. One common sector is color. Research shows, some colors help to calm nerves, others create excitement and delight.

Tips to Consider While Decorating a Dental Clinic with Art

If you’re a dentist or have a small dental office, I have compiled a list of recommendations you should consider for decorating your dental clinic especially the waiting room with art. Types of art commonly installed in dental clinics include paintings, photography as well as sculptures. The aim is to bring character to your clinic and improve the experience of the people visiting.

As a retired surgeon and fine art photographer specializing in colorfully creative nature and travel photography, I understand our natural need for connection to others and our environment and how art feels the need. Holistic approaches to patient care is becoming more come in traditional healthcare environments and dental offices are no exception

Adding the right art can be tricky business, especially in the dental business where you get a range of patients from kids to seniors. Art appealing to children can be different from adults. It is important to put your best foot forward and add art suitable for age groups relevant to your practice settings. If you’re confused about what to choose, I provide 4 practical tips on what you should choose and why. There are plenty of choices available to you for transforming your waiting rooms into interesting spaces in a tasteful, balanced way.

Decorating a Dental Clinic with Art

1. Avoid confusion

The thought behind decorating a dental clinic with art is to provide a relaxing atmosphere for anxious patients undergoing painful procedures and inspire better health and well-being. If you enjoy abstract art, it is advisable to not overdo it. Not all abstract art is equivalent and non-objective abstract art is open to interpretation and can cause uneasiness for viewers.

People are open to interpret in any way they want; you can’t predict the feelings it may provoke in patients already hesitant of coming in to visit you in your clinic. If you enjoy abstract art, consider using representational, abstract art pieces with pleasant subjects for your visitors to enjoy.

Antelope Canyon

2. Nature knows best

With many of studies supporting the healing effects of nature art, picking it as part of your dental clinic décor is a smart decision. In fact, nature art is equally preferential for people all over the world and age-groups. People like practical images too. Fortunately, I devote much of my art and photography practice to nature as well and have an array of soothing images you can choose from.

Nature triggers positive memories and for patients, a welcomed distraction and relief from the pain they expect from surgery and the hospital bill likely to weigh them down. Unlike abstract art, plants and nature are easier to absorb.

Color Palette

3. The color scheme should either be peaceful or happy

Colors play a big part in art looking peaceful and happy versus lifeless and boring. You want to engage the people within your dental clinic yet not disturb them. When you’re choosing to perk up your space, make sure the color scheme is refreshing and balanced. Artwork should blend with the office décor, not overpower the setting. The color goals are to reduce the negative opinions of the patients and give a positive atmosphere.  

Decorating a Dental Clinic with Art

4. Keep it simple and friendly

When you’re suffering from pain, having familiar scenes around you can ease the experience. Given what we’ve outlined so far, consider investing in pieces of art for decorating a dental clinic seem approachable, friendly and inviting. Avoid art seeming complicated and dark. Let your patients feel comfortable and consider using art local to your city or state. Make sure your art installations match the patient demographic of your office. Remember museums are fancy, but there’s nothing like art complementary to your location. Simplicity is the way to go!

A dentist’s office is an uncomfortable setting and you want to make sure that your patients feel comfortable.  The dental clinic is not a home, but you can transform the setting into a friendly location using art. You may not want to change your furniture, but the right art piece and lights can do wonders.  

If you’re looking to transform your dental clinic, I can help you with choosing the right piece. I feel strongly about art being one of the main proponents of healing and relief and want to contribute towards making patient experiences better!  

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