Contacting Local Artists for Hospitals

Contacting Local Artists for Hospitals

Curating art as a profession is one of the most interesting realms of modern industry. As an art collector, you can provide services to various clients, including private residences, corporate buildings, hospitals, and wellness institutions. In this article, we specifically discuss what it means to be a hospital art curator and how you can contact local artists.

Before becoming a hospital art curator, you must first know how to select a piece of art and interpret it. Since hospitals are conservative places governed by strict rules and regulations, your job of introducing art that enhances the surroundings while fitting limitations can be a challenge. Fortunately, this challenge can be fun.

Hospital art curators play an extremely important role in benefiting a patient’s hospital life. To do this, they must create a balance between art and health.

Contacting Local Artists for Hospitals

Since all types of people frequent hospitals and most of them are experiencing anxiety and pain, consider how the art you choose will influence these emotions. Also remember that in a hospital, your audience is captive. People in the reception or waiting room will be exposed to these paintings and will have plenty of time to absorb the elements within them.

Many hospitals hire curators who specialize in hospital art and understand its importance in regulating mood. Art can be instrumental in lowering anxiety levels. It can also serve as a welcome distraction for people who are not feeling their best.

Involving local artists for hospital art curation is an excellent way to involve the community and encourage growth. If you’re looking to get in contact with local artists who can contribute to hospitals or wellness institutions, here’s how you can go about it.

Facebook Groups

Contacting Local Artists for Hospitals

Being a member of a Facebook artist group will give you the opportunity to keep an eye on rising talent and an insight on what is happening in the industry. Facebook has groups for towns as well as cities. If any art exhibitions are happening within your city, you’ll be notified and can attend them in person.

You’ll see plenty of artists whose work you can choose from. Joining Facebook groups also allows you to share your knowledge with the community and see which artists work best with you. You can also ask people in the groups to donate art to hospitals and spread awareness of the positive effects of art within healthcare.

LinkedIn Connections and Community

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform and that provides an edge over other job sites because it allows you to contact people already skilled in certain industries. LinkedIn groups discuss topics of interest and can serve as a method of connecting you with key artists in the community. These groups range from art school alumni to those with specialized art expertise.

Since the platform is geared for helping people professionally, you will find many relevant artists who are willing to answer any questions you may have. Surprisingly, you will also find groups that are more than happy to donate art to hospitals. The trick is to network. The more you network, the easier your job will become.

Local Workshops

In a spirit to foster the artist community, several local organizations arrange workshops to help bring artists together. Although the main purpose of these workshops is for artists to brush up their skills, they are also an excellent way to meet the community and discuss ideas with them.

You can sign up for a workshop online. Because these workshops are great places to brainstorm ideas, bring questions when you attend.

Coffee Shops and Art Galleries

Several places in the city feature art by local, often lesser-known artists. These locations could be either your local coffee shop or an art gallery. If you spot interesting art at a coffee shop, ask the owners about it and get in touch with the artist.

At an art gallery, observing what artists have to offer and making a selection based on what would suit you is often easier. Visiting art galleries will not only help you curate some excellent pieces but also help you build long-term relationships with the community. If the members make something new,  you will be the first to know about it because of the relationship you’ve built.

Community Newspapers

Although most curators rely on word-of-mouth and digital communities to get to know local artists, you can also make the effort of reading local newspapers. Some small newspapers feature upcoming artists and events happening in the city.

The experience of art in a hospital is different from those that exist in other public spaces. However, with so many ways at your disposal to connect with local artists, finding what you’re looking for isn’t that hard.

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