Painterly fine art photography is an effect created in post-production to give a photograph a painterly characteristic like painting styles from the Great impressionists. This technique of fine art photography delivers maximum impact by depicting emotion in a distinctive and very vivid style. To create painterly fine art photography, the artist needs to be skilled at both fine art and photography.

Paintography is an art form that combines digital photography with digital painting. Contrary to some erroneous beliefs, it involves much more than simply editing a photograph. It actually includes digitally painting segments of photographs into a work of art. Paintography is created with computer technology and printed on to fine art paper or canvas using archival pigment ink also known as a Giclee print.

Open edition prints are art prints that are endlessly produced using lighter-weight art paper and non-archival inks. An example would be a postcard or a poster print. An open edition print is normally priced lower than limited-edition prints and may not be inspected, signed and authenticated by the artist. Open edition prints are not considered collectible items.

Limited-edition art prints are limited-edition production runs of an original artwork produced by an artist. Limited edition prints are made with high quality, archival paper or canvas and archival inks. Limited editions are made in a predetermined edition size set by the artist. Limited-edition batch sizes are typically 300 or fewer but may have a print run of 1,000 copies. These prints are usually inspected, signed and authenticated by the artist. Limited-edition prints are considered collectible items and the fewer the print runs in an edition the more valuable the print becomes.

Giclee prints is a printing technique that uses high quality, archival pigment inks for fine art and photography art reproduction prints. The ink and prints are guaranteed to last a lifetime or longer retaining the same color quality as the initial print if cared for properly.

We only offer artwork by Stacey D. Moore. The prints are sold through our parent company Jamila Mubdia, L.L.C. to keep track of the number, quality and authenticity of each print we ship out from our studio. 

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