How A.I. Influences Photography and Images

How A.I. Influences Photography and Images

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are everywhere. It has already changed the way we interact with the world. It has influenced the way we talk and the way we travel, and it is beginning to change the way we capture precious moments of time.

AI has significantly influenced photography, more so than in previous years. Not only do professional photographers use AI to edit their photos, but non-professionals use AI when snapping photos or recording videos on their smartphones. AI uses machine learning, color enhancement, and other digital solutions inside your phones to improve the quality of the images you take.

How A.I. Influences Photography and Images

How Does AI Simplify Photography?

When used in photography, AI’s chief job is to simplify the job of taking and managing photos. Various industries use AI to make their jobs easier and more efficient.

In time, photographers will be able to use AI to complete an assortment of tasks without the need of photoshop or other editing programs. Printing large format canvases from smaller images will require limited human help and restoring color in old black and white photographs will become automatic.

When you see something beautiful and want to capture the beauty with your camera, the quality of the picture always pales in comparison to the real thing. This happens because your eyes can capture more than the most expensive cameras in the world. AI enhances the details in the photographs until they appear like what your eye sees naturally by diagnosing each image and applying its unique interpretation.

AI is expanding the reach of photography, making it easier for individuals to produce visually appealing and better-quality photos for commercial or personal use. Some examples of AI capabilities include:

  • Tagging objects in images. Certain AI processes are being developed that can identify people of different age groups and colors.
  • Editing photos automatically. Another product called the Photolemur is being developed to edit photos without using manual control.
  • Adjusting lighting automatically. Luminar, being developed as a single slider that enhances the color and light in a photo, can easily detect and fix problems of saturation, luminosity, or contrast automatically.

AI in Photo Editing Software

AI makes photo editing easier for just about anyone. Several software programs use AI to edit photos with little to no effort on the part of the user. With the tap of a finger, users can give their images a whole new look. These programs include Skylum, Photolemur, Meero, Prisma Lensa, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Because creative pros had a need to decrease their time on repetitive tasks, Adobe Creative Cloud’s produced the Sensei technology. Sensei helps artists complete tasks quickly and easily by remembering and repeating actions often undertaken by artists.

Creatives can also use AI within Adobe software to design and install voice triggers in their mobile apps or websites. These programs enable users to interact with the software and are similar to Siri or Google assistant. These are just a few tasks AI are already helping artists and photographers with.

Is AI Helpful or Harmful?

AI is helpful in photography because it not only simplifies the picture-taking process but also enhances photo quality. AI’s abilities to strengthen colors and correct imperfections will play a role in bridging the gap between what humans see and what cameras capture.

How A.I. Influences Photography and Images

These changes are thrilling for artists and photographers, enabling them and anyone interested in the technology to create something beautiful. However, some people still believe that these changes are not positive and will affect the integrity of an artist’s craft.

Though we appreciate their concern, we believe that people who have an eye for photography will appreciate AI because it enables them to capture the emotion of a scene without having to worry about composition, lighting, and other things. AI is helping people achieve something beautiful by simplifying the process of capturing moments in time.

With more and more innovative photo effects, smartphones are beginning to catch up to the quality of DSLR cameras. This, however, does not mean that professional cameras will go out of style. What it means is that AI is revolutionizing photography for both the professional and the common man.

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